Development Strategy

Our “strategy first” approach keeps your project on budget, schedule, and within the scope defined. This ensures your goals and objectives are always predominant.

  1. Project Planning and Definition: confirm project goals, technical requirements, and key business factors
    • Project requirement analysis meeting and quote preparation
    • Determine project time estimate and milestones
    • Project statement of work and scope document
  2. Design: conceptualization phase or creative portion of the project
    • Sitemap diagram – outline of site’s hierarchical structure showing how the pages and functions will be grouped together
    • Outline the layout and placement of fundamental design elements including copy and user options within the interface design
    • Design of the Home page
    • Inner page design submission
    • Time estimates and milestones for subsequent phases
  3. Development: implement design
    • Database design and documentation
    • Database development
    • Code development and page construction
    • Development of the content management system (if required)
  4. Quality Assurance: confirm all development and design elements are working to specification
    • Modular unit testing
    • Round one End-to-end Integration testing
    • Client acceptance testing
    • Round two End-to-end Integration testing after client feedback
  5. Delivery: upon client approval, project is made available to users
    • Determine go-live date and time for the project roll out
    • Ensure that all client training has been completed
    • Ensure that all approvals for final product have been signed off
    • Ensure that all quality testing and any open issues or action items critical to delivery have been completed
    • Ensure all SEO items have been completed
    • TURN IT ON !!!
  6. Post Implementation Support: includes activities, support and any post go-live action items identified in earlier steps
    • Site proactive monitoring during roll out
    • site adjustments or changes based from client feedback or site analytics results
    • SEO monitoring and tuning if needed
    • Updates to site
    • Updates to content